Swimming Pool Construction Cost Calculator In Pakistan

Swimming Pool Construction Cost Calculator In Pakistan

Home Swimming Pool Installation Guide

Having a swimming pool in home is not only a status symbol but it’s also a great leisure as you can spend your spare time there. A swimming pool also increases the resale value of a home as most buyers want it in their homes. There are two options to have a swimming pool in home. The first option is to install an in ground ready made fiberglass pool. The second option is to build a concrete pool. The selection of the type of swimming pool depends on your requirements and budget. Here is the complete home swimming pool installation guide. Swimming Pool Construction Cost Calculator In Pakistan.

Buy a Ready made Pool

The first step to install a ready made pool is to buy a fiberglass swimming pool. The pool should be of adequate size and depth. There are many sizes and shapes of ready made pools. Prefer to buy one which has soft edges. There are many varieties in the market but never compromise on the quality as cheap pools can break or leak easily.

Excavation Process

The second step is to excavate the land to install a pool. Just note the size of the pool to start digging the soil. Dig deeper and wider than the size of the pool. This is needed to easily install the pool. After you have excavated the soil, start preparing the soil level for water drainage. The best way is to use sand and gravel for stronger base.

Setting of the Pool

The third step is to set the swimming pool. Just place the pool in the hole. Check the level of the pool for water drainage. Now is the time to install the electrical and plumbing systems. Electrical system is required for the lighting and water heating. Whereas plumbing system is necessary for the water filling, drainage and filtration.

Back fill the Pool

The fourth step is to fill the surrounding gaps. For back filling just fill the pool with water. The weight of the water will help in properly setting the pool with no further movements. Now back fill the pool’s surrounding areas with gravel. Just make sure that no space is left out. The next step is to prepare the deck. Make sure the pool shells are fixed in deck as it will stop the movement of the pool. The deck should be of adequate size with seating area.


The first stage to build a concrete pool is to get the design. The layout depends on your choice as you can select the rectangular or round shape pool. You can also hire the services of an architect to design your pool and prepare the drawings. The planning phase also includes the planning permission from local development authority. Many areas have the restrictions on the size and depth of pools.

Ground Excavation

The second stage is to excavate the ground. This is different from the excavation when you install a ready made pool. For building a concrete pool you have to just excavate according to the size by including the width of walls. For example you pool size is 10’x15’. So the area you have to excavate is 10-9”x15’-9”. The 9” is for the size of two walls of 4.5” on opposite sides.

Electrical and Plumbing Works

The third stage is to complete the installation of electrical and plumbing systems. This is needed for the lighting, heating, filtration, filling and drainage. Electrical and plumbing works are done in the early stages as you have to conceal them. Also you can’t provide these facilities once pool floor or walls are ready. Therefore complete the electrical and plumbing works with great care.

Build Floor and Walls

The fourth stage is to construct floor and walls. Firstly make sure that soil is compact. Secondly start building the steel bar frame to construct concrete floor and walls. Reinforced concrete is best to stop the water seepage. Bars should be tied in u shape to make a uniform strong structure. Thirdly pour concrete to make floor. Fourthly pour concrete to build the walls.

Fixing Tiles on Floor and Walls

The fifth stage is to finish the floor and walls. Buy the tiles of your choice and color but never compromise on the quality. To fix tiles firstly remove the shuttering or framework. Just check the structure, if it has uneven surfaces then make them even by plastering. Fix the lights and water drain covers. Just make sure that electrical and plumbing works are complete. Now start fixing the tiles on floor and walls.

Prepare the Deck

The sixth stage is to build a deck around the swimming pool. Just fill the outside area with soil. Now start preparing the deck. Ideally the pool deck should be of good size as it can be used for B.B.Q and seating area. First prepare the base of the deck. Concrete base for deck area is preferable as it has greater strength and durability. After completing the base just finish the deck area by fixing the non-

Swimming Pool Construction Cost Calculator In Pakistan-Excavation Process-Electrical and Plumbing Works-Build Floor and Walls-Fixing Tiles

Swimming Pool Construction Cost Calculator In Pakistan-Excavation Process-Electrical and Plumbing Works-Build Floor and Walls-Fixing Tiles


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